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Why You Should Shop Local

Updated: Mar 16

... let me count the ways. There are SO many obvious reasons, like keeping your money local, supporting real peoples' dreams and helping small businesses grow, but allow me to share a few lesser known reasons. I want to live in a thriving, vibrant community, don't you? Well, let's go!

Did you know that small businesses are the lifeblood of the global economy? When you shop local, you are supporting so much more than you can imagine.

First, by shopping local you are encouraging creativity. Local shops are a great source of creativity and originality. They usually offer one-of-kind products and services, and are likely to offer customization and personalization. This makes gifts extra special. Creativity increases curiosity, it enables non-linear thinking and allows for new solutions. These are all qualities that help people and community thrive.

Secondly, shopping local helps foster relationships: relationships between locals and shop keepers; between community members; and between gift-giver and recipient. It requires travel to actual shops and face-to-face interaction between real people. Shopping local requires effort and is an extra thoughtful way to show appreciation and build relationships. It communicates a great level of care and attention for the recipient too.

The third, lesser known reason is environmental impact. Purchasing locally-made products typically uses local materials, minimizes long-distance transportation and ultimately helps minimize carbon footprint. We all want to be good stewards of our world, right?

You have spending power. You have the power to spend your hard-earned money where and how you want. Why not spend it wisely and make a positive impact while doing it!

Need a great local gift? Check out The Burg Box.

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